Monday, June 02, 2008


I had LASIK eye surgery last week. They numbed my eyes up and wrote with a surgical marker on where they were going to cut. It was a pretty cool experience. Here is me before sugery. A shout out to Melissa Pierce for the rad pictures!
The night after the surgery I was awake most of the night just thinking. I didn't have any pain in my eyes but I had a headache. My sister was with me at the hotel and of course I woke her up mainly because I was bored. It reminded me of when I was young. We used to go visit my dad (my parent's divorced) and I would stay up all night. I just couldn't sleep. I remember just talking to my sister Amy so she would have to stay awake with me. I hated to be alone in a house and neighborhood that was unfamiliar to me and she was my safe haven. So here were were about 12 years later and the story was the same but we were in a hotel in Dayton, OH. How grateful I am for a sister that will stay awake all night with her brat sister when she can't sleep.

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vignesh said...

mine also happened jus the same way;.. my bro was awake all nite my blog