Sunday, June 22, 2008

I was feeling suffocated yesterday. We are living in these condos kind of in the boonies in Kissimmee, FL. Not really the boonies but we don't have enough cars to go wherever I want. So it makes Americans feel trapped when they can't do what they want to do. So I freaked out yesterday morning and my friend and I decided to figure out the Lynx bus system that goes all over Kissimmee and Orlando area.

We waited for our first bus for an the heat of Florida. I think I sweated off 2 pounds. Then we got on the bus and took a big loop because we got on the one going east instead of west. We met some great people including some latin men that my friend winked at and Tony a cook at Chili's who rides the bus because he got a DUI. Tony was extremely helpful telling us that the mall we were going to wasn't so stellar. So we switched buses and went to Barnes and Noble.

It's hard to describe the freedom that I felt when I got on the bus. I think mostly because I didn't have to rely on anyone or be back at a certain time. I could be me--slightly neurotic at times with my sweet friend. We spent some really good time with Jesus in a coffee shop and began the trip back.

Riding the Lynx bus around Orlando area was probably one of the funnest days here. Just wanted to share what a typical Saturday is like here in Florida.

Monday, June 16, 2008

On the Move...

I'm in Orlando, FL again for cross cultural training before going back to Mexico in July. Training has been interesting and I'm learning some new things as well.

My mom and sister came to visit last week. Here is a picture of me with them and my dear friend. She and I interned in Colorado before I left for Mexico. It's been really fun spending the summer with her.

Friday, June 06, 2008

I'm terrified of spiders. I'm not afraid of a lot of things but spiders is at the top of the list. I become pretty hysterical when they are around me too. One of the only times my sweet timid stepfather raised his voice at me was when he thought I was yelling "FIRE!!!" from the basement instead of "SPIDER!!!"

I have had my run-ins with these pests since coming home to good ole Indiana too. I was driving down the street and a nice jumping spider wanted to get out of the car. I later after a small anxiety attack on the street successfully killed that mutant. That evening I felt it was appropriate to bug bomb my ford explorer to rid my friend of all his little eggs.

But the kicker of the car spiders came on Tuesday when I was driving my mom's car down the Indiana toll road. A spider of greater size decided to make his presence known as I drov 75 mph down the highway. I calmly pulled over, put the car in park, flashers on and annihalated that creature.

I'm not sure why I'm so afraid of spiders or why God feels it's necessary for me to continually be greeted with my enemies in small confined places while I'm operating automobiles. Nonetheless, it has brought thrill back into my driving ability.

**please note if you are my state farm agent reading this, it's all made up. I didn't stop my car on any busy highways or put myself in danger while driving :)**

Monday, June 02, 2008


I had LASIK eye surgery last week. They numbed my eyes up and wrote with a surgical marker on where they were going to cut. It was a pretty cool experience. Here is me before sugery. A shout out to Melissa Pierce for the rad pictures!
The night after the surgery I was awake most of the night just thinking. I didn't have any pain in my eyes but I had a headache. My sister was with me at the hotel and of course I woke her up mainly because I was bored. It reminded me of when I was young. We used to go visit my dad (my parent's divorced) and I would stay up all night. I just couldn't sleep. I remember just talking to my sister Amy so she would have to stay awake with me. I hated to be alone in a house and neighborhood that was unfamiliar to me and she was my safe haven. So here were were about 12 years later and the story was the same but we were in a hotel in Dayton, OH. How grateful I am for a sister that will stay awake all night with her brat sister when she can't sleep.