Friday, April 13, 2007

What Grown Daughters Need from their Dads...

The other day the weather stunk again in South Bend. I headed out to my Bible Study and I saw two accidents before I drove a mile. I called Roger (my stepdad) to see if I should go home--more importantly to tell me to go home. Even though I'm 25, I need a man in my life to care for me and look out for my best interest...and typically that is supposed to be filled by a father. This father/daughter issue has been a sensitive subject for me for a number of years. But Jesus has given me a stepdad who is willing to fill in and help out as I grow up. This morning, Roger dropped me off to connect with my friend EMoe and he filled up her tire. I love that guy. Just thought I'd share some of these thoughts.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A couple of days ago, I was studying Romans 13 the last couple of weeks and my mind began to wonder. I really know nothing about taxes and why I need to pay them. So I talked to my brother, Ryan about these things on Easter as we went to McDonalds for those new cinnamon melts (which are wonderful by the way). Anyways, Ryan started explaining about excise tax and all that jazz and I realized that I should have probably paid attention in high school and college. In fact, how did I pass? and how did I get that stupid academic honors diploma and made the Dean's List? What a joke! All this to say I feel a new need to understand these things so I can be a proper upstanding citizen. So if anyone has anything to add to my knowledge base, I'm willing to grow in the area of taxes.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Happy Break from Spring

Today it is freezing here, yet I still refuse to wear my winter coat. It was so warm and cozy here and now Spring went on vacation with my parents to Hawaii. My sister, brother and I are on Grandma duty this week. It's been fun and interesting for sure.

Which leads me to tell you what I praise God for:
- that Grandma drank her Tylenol PM last night without holding it first in her mouth for 45 min and then spitting it on me. You don't understand how much this ministered to my little heart.
- that my brother and I are getting along! I love this kid but I know sometimes I'm not too nice to him.
- for Monday night with my sisters, Amy and Katie (Katie isn't actually a blood relative but Amy and I will take her any day)
- for lent being over on Sunday so that I can eat sweets again!
- for Blake Lewis on American Idol--get cuter buddy!
- for my MPDBFF EMoe... I can't say enough about this chick
- for supporters that love me and stand beside me and will do anything to help me finish my initial support.

Jesus is providing for my little needs as I wait for him to provide all of my support.