Friday, July 25, 2008

I wish they all could be California girls...

We just had a really sweet group from San Diego come down and spend a week doing ministry with us for two weeks. They came through a college group at a church. I love watching groups come and believe God for big things, move in faith and have extreme flexibility.
I had such a sweet time getting to know the group of 11. These are the girls and I above when we went to the state of Mexico to serve in a local church. (L-R) Summer, Crystal, Me, Diane and Jenni.
Safe travels today friends!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

My dear friend Andrea left Mexico City today. She and I have been on STINT (a Short Term International trip) for the last year. I never thought that I would find such sweet community with her.

I'm so honored to be a part of her life. We've gotten to grow together this year. I've watched her struggle through hard things and she has sat beside me as I grew with Jesus.

I often talk about how God uses people in my life to change and mold me. Andrea has definetely been one of those persons.

Her ministry and life has left an impact in the lives of college students. Andrea made her life count this year in Mexico. In the process, she too has been changed. It's funny how those things work.
Even though today is bittersweet, I eagerly anticipate the next group that comes to Mexico City. Not only our we engaged in a mission and vision that is much grander than ourselves but we participate in this vision with people from all different backgrounds and stories.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


I'm not so good at good-byes. I have said a lot this summer. Some to people that I won't see this side of heaven and others for a while.

I spent 5 weeks with some pretty cool people in Florida going to cultural training. We had some really fun times and built some sweet community but we are all following God's call to take the gospel to the nations so the chances of me of running into my new sweet friends is highly unlikely.

That's the funny thing about community. We live life in a way that's real and vulnerable and with purpose and I think that is what makes good-byes so hard. I don't want those things to end. I remember being on a summer missions opportunity for 10 weeks one summer and having a hard time choosing to even show up to say goodbye to my best friends of the summer. I just thought it would be easier to just leave.

My friend Betsy wrote a song about how she hates goodbyes too. Here are some of my favorite words of it.

If I could have anything, I'd have control

cause I don't like change and I hate to let go

hate watching cars drive away

with not enough reason to stay

On the same path still but now I feel lost.

When I said hello I did not know the cost

but I know it now, I feel it now.

Tell me you'll see me tomorrow

that way I don't have to cry.

If we keep pretending it's not really ending

I hate the word "good-bye".

Yes, it's hard but I totally believe that it's worth it. I've said "adios" to some cool people in my life and I'm looking forward to much more "hellos".

I arrived back in Mexico yesterday. It's strange that Mexico is home. I missed it and my house and the food. It's good to be home.