Friday, January 30, 2009

Christianity these days...

I don't want to be luke anything really. I don't want to sit on a fence or confuse people by my words or actions. Especially in my faith.

I went to a student meeting this past weekend. It was great. In just 4 months, students are leading meetings and ministries without a ton of help from staff. It was impressive but I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed by the way we as Christians tend to separate ourselves from everyone else. We use a different language, take our kids to different schools, listen to a radio station that only plays music that is wholesome and uplifting…the list goes on and on. And honestly as those things were probably put into place to help us Christians grow closer to Jesus, what I really think it has done is make the chasm of us v.s. them a bridge that I wouldn’t even want to cross. I just don’t think we are very approachable. God calls me to live not of the world but I think that Jesus would have gone to a New Kids concert or out to a bar to watch the Pumas play futbol or maybe even have voted for Obama. I think our legalism in trying to boil down our faith in ways that we as humans can micromanage it has made faith something not adventurous and life changing but just one of those things that people “fall into” to supposedly make their lives better. I don’t want to be lukewarm by any means. I just want to be someone that is approachable to understand and know in the context of me knowing Jesus. Is that too much to ask?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Some Random thoughts

I find myself walking down the street here or on transportation and thinking about something and say to myself, 'I should really "blog" this' and then never get around to it. So I'll just catch you up with some of my thoughts now....

The girls and I went to see Mary & Me last night. Cute movie and well done however it left me feeling like I never want a dog cause they are ton of work and I don't know if I want kids either cause they seem like even more work. I cried a couple of times (a couple of things hit close to my heart) and I laughed out loud.

There has been some rare days in Mexico. Now I don't know exactly what I mean when I say rare but I'll try to explain. I was coming back on a bus to the city on Friday night and I was engrossed in a book (we'll get to that later) and I look up and around and for a minute the book had taken me to another world and I forgot that I lived in a foreign country. It was surreal and weird. I heard the horns honking and rain was falling down as Mexicans scurried around trying to find transport to get them home on a late Friday night. I thought...'what had happened in my life that I really would be living in another country?' and then I thought about how Jesus had radically changed my life and nothing was off limits when that happens. Yesterday was rare too cause I saw a woman carrying a poodle down the street like a baby. That was no small dog either and I saw a grown man relieving himself on the street. I quickly moved past him.

I made a sacrifice yesterday. I threw away a pair of beloved pajama pants. They were purchased from a Wal-Mart in South Bend, IN in July 1999. That was a good summer. I ran around with a crowd that I worked at Target with. It was the closest I have ever gotten to being truly rebellious. Anyways, the pants had been through everything with me and it was starting to much that my roommate called them my wedding pants because strips of fabric just followed behind me when I walked. They were not attractive and probably at least 2 sizes too big. Me and the pants had a private good bye near the dumpster in my building.

I just finished the book "The Shack" last night. This the book that I got lost in when I was riding the bus. It was really good. Makes you think about life and faith in a completely different way. Doesn't mean it's all doctrinally sound but still good. Check out this link to hear more:

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Back Home.

Back in Mexico

I must admit my time at home was really good but quick. I flew in to Chicago on December 22 with bronchitis and hit the ground running. My sister Amy and I shopped our faces off, I got to see a ton of close friends and supporters of my ministry, spent time with my family for Christmas, and saw Wicked on Broadway. And that was all in 5 days. :) I slept a little while I was home too.

Two sweet friends that lived and worked on the same team with me in Mexico were willing to commit to a road trip from South Bend to Denver, CO. It was such a fun way to catch up.

It was a blast to see friends from Colorado as well. The conference in Denver was great. Jesus worked in my heart and I enjoyed connecting with staff too.

I'm back in Mexico City now. Starting work back today with training some new volunteers in the city. The teams from last semester starts again on Jan 12.

Here are some things you can be praying for:

  • wisdom, direction and clarity for our long term ministry
  • that I would set good boundaries and not be a workaholic :)
  • for sweet time with my friends here in Mexico
  • that I would connect deeply to the heart of God and experience the Gospel daily