Sunday, November 15, 2009

Let me tell you about my weird Friday...

Some days in the city are just more extraordinary than others. Friday was one of those days. I would like to recap my adventures to and from campus. I was by myself cause my teammates all had other activities. This university is 2 hours away one way so I have to take a number of forms of public transportation to arrive.

I waited for the metrobus for 15 minutes. That is a little extreme really. After that I switched to the metro. I got a seat quickly which I was excited about seeing that that there were a lot of people standing around. I thought for a minute 'why doesn't anyone want to sit here?' I quickly realized that it was because the man sitting next to me had a strong pungent odor to him. I stayed there and swallowed my pride.

I then switched to a micro (which is like a city bus). I hopped on to find just a few seats left. I plopped down next to a teenage boy who was staring at something in his backpack. I looked over too to see what the fuss was about. Was I surprised to see him viewing the cover of a pornographic video. I was disgusted and insulted instantly. Yes, Mexico is a country literally littered everywhere with naked pictures for everyone to see. But this kid was so young and we are on a bus. My thought was that I should say to this kid 'if you want to ruin your sex life that's fine but do it on your own time'. I began to ponder if this is something the churches talk about here...pornography, infidelity, etc. Then just today I visited a church and the pastor was brutally honest about how we are unfaithful-in sexual relationships, with our bodies, in our relationships with Christ as well. He specifically talked about Pornography being a lie that people believe that will help them in their marriage, etc. I was encouraged.

Back to Friday, I got to campus and found the group I was going to work with. We sat in the lawn of the university where after a bit I began to smell something different. It quickly dawned on me that a group close to us had started smoking weed. Never before on campus had I experienced that.

I headed home after a few hours on campus. When I was almost home I was standing at the back of the micro to get off the bus and I hear a guy say to his friend 'that girl isn't mexican'. Being the sarcastic girl I am spitted back, 'really, was it that obvious?'. He followed up with 'and she speaks Spanish'.

All in all it was a crazy day in the city. I can't believe I wrote about pot and pornography in the same blog. I'm am getting more edgier!

Monday, November 09, 2009

Some of the students from UNAM want to take advantage of the fact that other universities around the country have 2 weeks off in April. They are asking for students to consider spending their second week doing ministry at UNAM...300,000 college students. Here is the video that they put together to promote the project. All student led. Students reaching students and asking other students to help. How cool is that?

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Started Celebrating a little early...

As you know, it is that time again when Emily begins to celebrate her birthday.

I happened to be in the States last week and thought it was appropriate for me to have a party there with my family.

Then I followed that up with an Aluminum Foil party on Saturday here in Mexico.

And the craziest thing is, my actual birthday is still two more days away!