Saturday, September 27, 2008

Celebrating another Mexican Independence

A year ago I spent Mexican Independence Day at Six Flags Mexico City and then went to Centro Coyoacan. It was a great night but this year's Independence topped it.

Some friends came from Puebla, Mexico and we went to the Zocalo this year to celebrate. Covered with bubbles and surrounded by my favorite people, I heard Calderon yell "Viva Mexico!" as the people shouted back "Viva!" And we watched as fireworks exploded into the sky from all directions. After that, we went back and had a dance party. I fell into bed about 3:30 exhausted but thankful for another fun independence.

Here are some pictures...
My new roommate Angie and I in our new apartment before heading out.

The group and I in the Zocalo after being covered in bubbles and enjoying the evening.