Saturday, November 06, 2010

On the first day of my 29th year....

I want to remember all that God has done the last 365 days of my life. 

The biggest one is that I don't think a year ago that I truly believed that I would be a married woman in this moment. I mean, I knew my time would come where Jesus would bring a man into my life but it still last year at this time was still just a dream. Gabo and I celebrated a million times with my friends and even though we were talking at marriage at this point, I didn't think it was a reality yet. Gabo has become my best friend and so much more in the last couple of months. I have learned so much about myself through him. I am grateful for the hard moments in marriage and love even more the great days.

I gained an entire Mexican family and that has been crazy and fun. They rarely plan things and all the nieces and nephews love me. Gabo is one of the youngest of 6 so his nieces and nephews are like 16-22.I am still learning a lot but the good news is that my father-in-law loves me. :)

I have become more of an adult. Most of that has come with the marriage...we bought furniture finally last week and I have my very own kitchen aid mixer. It's like I am becoming a real lady (that's for you Kellie Dahl..after all these years).And then for my birthday, Gabo bought me this set of glasses with a matching pitcher. I LOVE IT.

I have grown in knowing Jesus more. Right now I am going through a study with Beth Moore on the fruit of the Spirit. I am learning I am not so much a bearer of some of those guys. I feel like Jesus is speaking over me more and more asking me to love people like I say I love him. He is asking me to put my words into action but to his people. It is really challenging.

I have missed my family more. This one has been strange. I am pretty used to living away from my family but I guess it's just part of adjusting. Plus those guys are pretty incredible.

I love this time of my life. I enjoy the challenge and where God has us. I am thankful.