Friday, November 23, 2012

Where do babies come from?

I wanted to share with you guys the fun and sweet story that we have of how we found out we were pregnant. If you want to know where babies come from, go ask your mom. :)

Gabo and I had actually been trying for a year to get pregnant. We really wanted to start a family and my poor husband wanted to be pregnant since the crazy honeymoon but I stopped the dream real quick cause this lady needed some time to adjust to living with a boy and such. 

It was kind of a difficult and weird year. We had other couple friends get pregnant, some miscarried and we felt the pain with them. We learned that baby making although it seems easy is a little miracle from God. We learned to be patient and we sympathized and prayed for other couples that had been trying for a lot longer than we had. But it was weird because here in Mexico people just come right out and say, "um hey, when are you guys going to start a family?" Or as I have mentioned before, they use the tactful art of spiritual manipulation by telling us that we are thwarting God's plan for our lives by not reproducing. About June, I started to become indifferent and began to explode on those peeps. I mean there are probably a 100 different and nicer ways to say to them, "we actually want to have a family. so instead of scolding me, pray for us." But I just said to them, "get out of my bedroom business." Quite appropriate right? 

Anyways, with all of the stress of the spring and not getting pregnant, we decided to make an appt with my OBGYN when we were going to be there on home assignment. I thought if I could just get my hands on some clomid, I'd be fine. So we went to the States and the first week there we had our appt. I remember saying to Gabo on the way home the night before the appt if we should buy one more stupid pregnancy test just to make sure before I go in there begging for meds. He said yes, I said I am too lazy so home we went. 

At the dr the next morning, we were told that it was probably something with ovulation and clomid was the best bet. The dr explained to me all the deets and then asked when was my last cycle and I said July. She asked if I had taken a test and I said no, because my cycle was always like that. She said I could take one in the office to make sure it was negative before we started the treatment. So I went in to go use the facilities but I couldn't go. I came out and I said to the nurse, "I have stage fright." and my dr started cracking up in the adjacent room. She said, "Stage fright? You crack me up. We call it shy bladder around here." So we left with no pee test but with instructions to take one before we started. 

We had my niece Lucy that day so we went and picked up the meds and some tests and went back to my sister's where I took a test. It came out 2 lines--which is positive but one of the lines was lighter than the other. Gabo and I had never seen a 2 liner but it didn't register that it was probably positive. So I called the dr and they sent me for blood work. My sister came home and was sassy and told us that for millions of years women had been taking these tests and 2 lines your prego. We thought she was crazy and we HONESTLY didn't believe it. 

The next morning, we finally got a hold of the nurse as I was mildly stalking her and she said, "Hey shy bladder, yea it's positive. You don't need clomid. Congratulations!" We fell over! We were so pumped up. We cried and prayed and thanked Jesus for this little crazy miracle. Gabo was especially pumped because he hates medicine and wasn't too excited about me doing the treatment. 

Morning sickness started about a week later and being pregnant lost it's zeal. We are over the moon excited for our little bundle to arrive in May. We love how God works out his timing and we love that only He can decide when these things will occur. 

So that's our story. Any other hilarious, "holy smokes i can't believe we're pregnant" stories out there?

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hiatus, Home Assignment and new stages.

I might be the World's Worst Blogger. When I am in a routine, I rock it out but being in the US for 2 1/2 months really threw me for a loop. We have so many things to catch up on. :) 

Gabo and I were on Home Assignment so that we could work on raising new support for our ministry here in Mexico. It was great and tiring. We had a blast seeing so many friends and family. 

We got to celebrate my niece Lucy's first birthday. 

We also celebrated Cath's 29th Birthday...she is looking so young!

And we were of course there for my brother Ryan's wedding. My handsome hubs tickled the ivories.

For my mom's Birthday, we gave her an extra special gift....

Yes, we are pregnant! We are so excited. Here's our first official picture together. 

 So it was a very crazy, busy trip to the US and there is so much more to share. I am working on some posts today to give you the full story of how we found out that we were expecting and other fun things to come. 

But for now, we are back in Mexico City and we are happy as clams to be in our cutie little apartment and hanging out with our friends and students again. 

We are looking forward to celebrating Thanksgiving this week too! I promise to be in touch.