Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Things have been busy here. We finished off last week with a spring break week of 65 staff and students from all over the US. Here is my group for week 2 below. We laughed a ton together and saw the Lord show up as well. All seven of us were able to get on a very private university. Katie, Jenny and I met a girl named Gaby who gave us a name of a guy who is a Believer on campus. The next day we met Pablo outside of the entrance of the university. As I began to share in Spanish about our vision for reaching every college university and student in Mexico City, he began to text his friend Yanneth to have her come meet us as well. Yanneth promptly appeared outside as well. Their excitement grew as I shared how God has already began to start movements on other campuses. Pablo mentioned that he had numerous friends on other campuses that would be interested as well. Also, Pablo has already emailed me to connect when I get back from traveling.
After our party on Friday, our staff and I were on our way to Acapulco to host a Mexican Student conference on the beach. Students were trained in sharing their faith and launching movements and they even shared with each other how they saw the Lord reach students on their campus.
I even had a few moments to cool off in the pool.
Tomorrow, I'm off to Lima, Peru for seven days with staff women from Mexico. We will be going for a women's conference. So this year, I will be celebrating Easter in South America. I'm really excited about this opportunity.

Friday, March 14, 2008

It's Thursday night at 11:45 pm. I'm sitting on the couch with Becky and Sandra working on housing assignments for our student conference that is coming up this week. We are in the midst of week 2 of spring breakers in Mexico City. It's been super busy and exhausting but I've have seen the Lord show up in some very beautiful ways. I leave for Acapulco for the student conference in less than 48 hours with over 100 mexican students from all over the country and all I can think I love this job. :)

Just wanted you to be in this with me. Thanks for everything you do.