Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happenings in the last couple of weeks...

I've been bad at updating you all on life. So I'll give a quick overview of the last couple of weeks.

We hosted a great Thanksgiving once again for all of our friends...

As you can see, Caitlin couldn't miss another pavo party in Mexico so she came on back.

That weekend, me with some of the staff girls went exploring in Taxco.

And then the following week, we were able to see the "New Kids on the Block" when they came to town. This was by far a highlight of my time here.

(l-r) Sandra, Angie, Me, Kathy and Katie
(l-r) Danny, Donny, Joey, Jordan, Jon

Please note five of them and five of us...this was not a coincidence!

And just last week, I went to my friend Jessica's house for the women's christmas dinner from her church. Here is a picture of Jess and I.
I made it home by 2:00 am. It was a fun party :)

Last Saturday night, we had our final student meeting where at least 50 students showed up. We were not expecting that many...or we would have gotten a bigger place. Not a bad problem to have.

So that has been me the last couple of weeks. I'll be home on the 22nd for a few days to celebrate Christmas for my family. I hope you have fun celebrating Jesus as well!