Monday, March 30, 2009

I bought a basketball yesterday. I think with all the long hours of working, I have had a high need to be outside doing something active. Yesterday, I caved and Caitlin and I walked to the local Marti (sporting goods store) to buy a ridiculously overpriced basketball. New joy has come to my life with this guy. We went and play at a local court again 3 kids from Chiapas. I can't say that Victor, Caitlin or I dominated at all. The only advantage we had was our height. It was a blast...we laughed so hard and made some new friends.

A new #1 way to relieve some stress? Pick up my basketball walk a few blocks and shoot around for a little bit.

Friday, March 27, 2009

What I love about my life these days

These days, things are hectic but going well.

Here are some things that are bringing me great joy:
- My friend Caitlin from last year is back for three weeks helping us plan our annual student conference. She's great and fun and makes me laugh all the time.
- My sweet roommate Angie. She has been such a blessing and great friend this year.
- Knowing that that there is joy in sadness and sadness in joy. It's messy but Jesus is somehow good in the middle.
- Listening to my Mexican guy friends singing pop music in the car in falsetto voices. So hilarious.
- Getting long phone messages and emails of random thoughts from my pregnant sister.
- Seeing Jesus move on campuses and in the lives of students and's just priceless.
- My international Bible Study at church. I love the women and the countries they represent.