Sunday, January 22, 2012

Famous People and their Addictions

Etta James died this past week. Her song "At Last" was what I danced with my husband at our US reception. Here's a picture. 

What you can't see in this picture is that I am translating the words to him into Spanish. :) It's our little game we play. The perks of being married to a Mexican Musician.

Anyways, I began to do a little research on Etta's life. I found out that she was a long time drug user. I cannot say that I am surprised by that. You and I both know that people in the spotlight take their stint the Betty Ford.

I am perplexed by it. Again, I considered it when Gabo and I were watching the movie "Walk the Line"--the story of Johnny Cash.

I guess my question is--what is the draw to a substance?  They have it all. Money, fame, fans, anything they have ever wanted and more. But they are still so empty that they need to fill the empty moments or reach new highs with drugs.

I am relatively normal. I pay my bills. I work hard for the money. I do my dishes. I have wonderful friends. And normal people in my life have been haunted by addictions.

Whether you are Johnny Cash or John Smith, we all have a giant hole in our heart that can only be filled with Jesus Christ. Nothing else can really do the trick. Although it saddens me, it makes sense that after all that they have, they would turn to drugs, alcohol, extra-marital affairs, etc to look for the empty feeling to disappear.

I remember a couple of years together talking to a fellow staff friend about experiencing Jesus daily. We related our daily walk with the Lord as a drug that we needed. When we didn't have our moment to surrender everything to Him, we were left feeling a little off. I am sure what it feels like after years of abusing drugs. The day you decide to "take a break", things get a little cock-eyed...partly because you are not used to life with IT. That is what I want. I don't want to live life with Him. Life is better with him.

Try Jesus. Get hooked on Him. He will wreck your life.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

2011 Wrap-Up

Coming back to Mexico has been an adjustment but I am thankful for many things. I love my apartment. I love that God has provided for every one of our needs. I am so excited that my husband has work. I am excited for 2012 but I want to recap some of my highlights of 2011.

I got to lead my first summer project in Mexico. We loved the students and our time together and we learned a lot. 

By nature, I like to lead projects, conferences, people. Planning a project in Mexico is a different story. It was hard motivating students to raise their support and book bus tickets. I relied on volunteers in the city to help plan our service activities and some people just didn't dropped the ball. Staff had to drop out at the last minute too. But I am so grateful for this opportunity. I made some great memories and some good friends.

My sweet older brother Eric got hitched in San Francisco.

This was actually only the second time that Gabo and Eric saw each other. We had a great time with my family and celebrating our new addition, Cindy. It was cold and rainy. Gabo and I were surprised how much the metros cost in San Francisco. We were really excited to return to Mexico and the metro here.

Some of my favorite white girls married some pretty sweet Mexican men. 
--Angie married Pepe on June 11, 2011. I was one of her bridesmaids. As you can see from the picture, I got burned severely by the sun. NOT a highlight of the year but all in all it was a good time.
--Then Caitlin married Victor on November 12, 2011 in Xalapa. Caitlin and I were roommates my first year in Mexico and we became friends with Victor then. Years later they married!
Caitlin and I at her Civil Wedding. I was one of their witnesses.

I turned 30! I love my birthday every year. This year was special as well. Gabo always does a great job making me feel loved. We celebrated with a party with my friends on Friday, November 4 then had lunch with some "special friends" on Saturday my actual birthday and did nothing at night. :) 

I look forward to what God has in store for me, for my marriage, for our life and ministry.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

BREAK in the States

Gabo and I have had the privilege of being in the Northern Indiana for the last month.  We have had some good times here relaxing, visiting friends and ministry partners and visiting the local stores and restaurants. It's been really fun for family time and for our marriage too. 

We had a blast celebrating Gabo's 36th Birthday with my family...

We have loved hanging out with the nieces and nephews...

 Going to basketball games and other fun activities....

And we had a great Christmas with my brother and sister-in-law coming in from San Francisco. We made some great memories. 

We are still here for a couple more days but are looking forward to our return to Mexico. We miss that place.