Sunday, November 15, 2009

Let me tell you about my weird Friday...

Some days in the city are just more extraordinary than others. Friday was one of those days. I would like to recap my adventures to and from campus. I was by myself cause my teammates all had other activities. This university is 2 hours away one way so I have to take a number of forms of public transportation to arrive.

I waited for the metrobus for 15 minutes. That is a little extreme really. After that I switched to the metro. I got a seat quickly which I was excited about seeing that that there were a lot of people standing around. I thought for a minute 'why doesn't anyone want to sit here?' I quickly realized that it was because the man sitting next to me had a strong pungent odor to him. I stayed there and swallowed my pride.

I then switched to a micro (which is like a city bus). I hopped on to find just a few seats left. I plopped down next to a teenage boy who was staring at something in his backpack. I looked over too to see what the fuss was about. Was I surprised to see him viewing the cover of a pornographic video. I was disgusted and insulted instantly. Yes, Mexico is a country literally littered everywhere with naked pictures for everyone to see. But this kid was so young and we are on a bus. My thought was that I should say to this kid 'if you want to ruin your sex life that's fine but do it on your own time'. I began to ponder if this is something the churches talk about here...pornography, infidelity, etc. Then just today I visited a church and the pastor was brutally honest about how we are unfaithful-in sexual relationships, with our bodies, in our relationships with Christ as well. He specifically talked about Pornography being a lie that people believe that will help them in their marriage, etc. I was encouraged.

Back to Friday, I got to campus and found the group I was going to work with. We sat in the lawn of the university where after a bit I began to smell something different. It quickly dawned on me that a group close to us had started smoking weed. Never before on campus had I experienced that.

I headed home after a few hours on campus. When I was almost home I was standing at the back of the micro to get off the bus and I hear a guy say to his friend 'that girl isn't mexican'. Being the sarcastic girl I am spitted back, 'really, was it that obvious?'. He followed up with 'and she speaks Spanish'.

All in all it was a crazy day in the city. I can't believe I wrote about pot and pornography in the same blog. I'm am getting more edgier!


Amy said...

You are too crazy! Just like your Friday...never a dull moment.

Anonymous said...

Hey I was polking around on the gcx website and found your page. Thanks for sharing your day. P.S. the other day at UNAM I smelled pot by the islas. I guess I´ve smelled pot in the U.S. but only in the dorms. Liz Pomares