Sunday, June 22, 2008

I was feeling suffocated yesterday. We are living in these condos kind of in the boonies in Kissimmee, FL. Not really the boonies but we don't have enough cars to go wherever I want. So it makes Americans feel trapped when they can't do what they want to do. So I freaked out yesterday morning and my friend and I decided to figure out the Lynx bus system that goes all over Kissimmee and Orlando area.

We waited for our first bus for an the heat of Florida. I think I sweated off 2 pounds. Then we got on the bus and took a big loop because we got on the one going east instead of west. We met some great people including some latin men that my friend winked at and Tony a cook at Chili's who rides the bus because he got a DUI. Tony was extremely helpful telling us that the mall we were going to wasn't so stellar. So we switched buses and went to Barnes and Noble.

It's hard to describe the freedom that I felt when I got on the bus. I think mostly because I didn't have to rely on anyone or be back at a certain time. I could be me--slightly neurotic at times with my sweet friend. We spent some really good time with Jesus in a coffee shop and began the trip back.

Riding the Lynx bus around Orlando area was probably one of the funnest days here. Just wanted to share what a typical Saturday is like here in Florida.

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