Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I've been on a lot of planes lately. I like to people watch while in transit to different places. Everyone is talking on their phones or emailing someone for work or something...I'm not really sure. On Thursday I began to think that all of these people have different agendas, different jobs and unique passions that fuel them to keep going. For instance my brother Ryan loves art. He's passionate about it. It takes him places that I will never go- sculpture classes, art shows with wine, cheese and crackers that include a bunch of other artists that are passionate about art too. I don't fit in there at all but I love to visit it. And my cousin Kim is working on an initiative in Indianapolis to make the city more accesible by walking so that the people of Indiana are healthy. How unique and fun! Yesterday I was on some more planes. I sat next to this woman who is a web designer for Samsung. She talked about how she wants to help Samsung be the biggest selling cell phone company in the US and man is she passionate about cell phones. It was almost silly to me.

Then on the next flight I sat next to this couple that works for a flavor/ingredient inventing company and they were testing new kinds of gum. They had a doctorate and masters in food science. Their main purpose was to help food taste better! Who knew that was actually a job where people studied and were excited about it?

That made me start to think about my job and my passion. I'm so thankful that my job gets to line up directly with what I'm passionate about. I sometimes think that my passion is more important than others..because it has an eternal purpose. But even someone that works at Samsung or a Gum tasting company can still be eternally minded and love coworkers and customers that way that Jesus does. Just some thoughts that I wanted to share.

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