Friday, July 13, 2012

Emily is becoming quite the houesewife!

So I bought some fabric yesterday.

To make this kitchen look beautiful. 


I have been wanting to make a cutie little curtain to cover that mess under the bar. So I used the squares on my floor as a template.

I am high tec like that. And then I proceeded to forget to take pictures of the next steps. I am new at this idea of "do a project and blog about it". Let's be honest friends I don't know how to sew. That caused a problem. I originally wanted to go with this idea from one of my favorite blogs but they don't sell super duper double sided fabric tape in Mexico. I brainstormed with my friend Hutch and she suggested the hot glue gun. So that's what I did. I used the glue gun. It was easy and looks great!

Here's the final look.

Gotta say friends, I am in LOVE with my curtain. Gabo was impressed too. I am really excited how it ties the colors together in my lil' apartment.

Here's a picture with the kitchen cleaned up..for once!

Stay tuned for some other projects I have worked up.


Sarah Koutz said...

You go girl!!!

Kellie said...

That looks great! I too am a fan of the glue gun rather than the sewing machine.

Amy said...

Good work! It does look great. Look at you crafting!