Tuesday, May 29, 2012

An Ode to the Amazing Husband

So we are a rare couple. We are from 2 different cultures. He loves music and does things based on feelings. I studied social work, I am very practical, love living in the reality and am very objective.

Gabo has a job that is very flexible and fun...well I should say many jobs. He teaches, composes, produces, arranges, plays in clubs and on top of all of that, spends time with college students that want to do the same thing.

I have mentioned before that this summer Gabo will most likely produce a disk for a new guy in Tampico. We are excited about that. We believe in the guy and his music. He is a man of faith too and Gabo and him are trusting God to reach new places.

Sometimes our finances are weird. I live on a flexible income (depending on people's generous hearts) and so does Gabo (depending if the jobs come in and if they actually pay him for his hard work). So we have never been in need but we watch God provide in some really random ways. It is one way to live out the faith journey. :)

On Sunday Gabo got an email from a guy who is the personal manager of a girl that Gabo helped do her showcase in 2009 when we were just "novios". He directed her band and everything and really didn't receive any payment for it.

Here's a video of them rehearsing...look for Gabo. (second #19, #37, #52...)

Well Sofi got signed by EMI music awhile ago and she is making her way up and is ready to tour a little bit. Juan (the personal manager) asked Gabo to play in the band and be the musical director.

We don't know how big Sofi will get or if it is God's will that he stays in the band but right now he is busy learning all the songs this week for the first rehearsal on Thursday. The first concert is next Thursday (CRAZY huh?). [sidenote: I have been making fun of Sofi's song "te odio" for months now. I really don't like her voice but she is bringing home the bacon for us so I am going to have to accept it. Ha!]

I am so proud of him. Gabo not Juan :) He works so hard and he trusts the Lord with his jobs and he looks for the best way to use his time, talents and treasures for the Great Commission.

Here is her first music video as well. We'll keep you posted on our adventures with Sofi!

and props to me...i learned how to post videos on the blog! oh the things I can share now!


Sarah Koutz said...

I love your posts! I chuckled numerous times.

Sarah Koutz said...

I love your posts! I chuckled numerous times.