Sunday, April 29, 2012

On Gallbladders

**please be warned. personal musing about things such as bowel movements will be talked about**

I am usually a pretty happening, healthy lady. However, I am a person that is plagued with constant stomach musings. I am a magnet for cramping, parasites, montezuma's revenge and hilarious hospital stories.

My journey with bugs in the intestinal tract started at the end 2004 with a trip out east. East meaning Asia. Something I ate in my 12 days there took up permanent residence in my gut for about 10 months. In that time, I went on a summer project to Mexico where in a hotel room in Durango, I saw some freaky things in the toilet. My dear friend Marta took me to a hospital...well let's call it a clinic from the 1960's. At that time, I didn't understand much Spanish but what entailed was a swob of sorts to the hind in region to see what was the matter. The ministry told me to come home. I said...what's another 5 days?

I came home to a very unnerved general physician and a colonoscopy waiting for me. I found relief from the constant pain after an amazing antibiotic and leaving milk in the past.

My first year of marriage I had a couple of little issues where doctors explained it as "gastritis" or that I was nervous or that I probably had some kind of bug in there. Last May was rough. I couldn't even stand I was in so much pain. We went to the doctor and they informed after ultrasounds and tests that it was just gastritis.

Friends let me take a pause here for a minute. I am a funny lady but I am not a hypochondriac. I don't make things up nor am I looking for drama. It feels like this battle I have going on with my gut is constantly getting me nowhere. I don't want to be deathly ill, I just want to understand the problem. I vowed to never go back to a dr again for stomach pain. I was through with wasting our money on diagnosis that led to the same conclusion.

Until Friday. Well I should say a week ago. I ate some questionable food at a family part that led to barfing and the d-train. Vomit is not a normal occurrence for me at all so I was wondering what is the deal. Then on Friday at Costco, I saw the beauty of all beauties in the bathroom that sent us to get some tests. Those colors should not come out of one's body. I was tested for gall stones, hepatitis, liver failure, etc. All coming back negative. Yea but no yea at the same time because my gallbladder was contracted.

After WebMD and talking to various people, I am pretty convinced that I have some sort of gallbladder disease. I haven't had an attack (hear they are horrible) or stones but it is low functioning. We are praying and trying to decide if taking out my vesicula (gallbladder in Spanish) and if that would solve all of my ridiculous problems.

Comments, suggestions, thoughts?

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Amy said...

Get rid of that thing! And I laughed out loud several times. :)