Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Chilaquiles and Jesus

I have a friend from a local ex-pat Bible Study and she says that she loves reading stories about missionaries and I should write more of my happenings on a blog. So that is exactly what I am going to do...share more stories from the "field".

When we moved apartments in September, Gabo felt led to try and share with the door man of our building and the other men that work on the street...the other doormen, the guys who park and wash cars, etc. So he passed out some Bibles and started from there. 

When we got back in January, we invited two doormen over for dinner. Modesto works in our building and Homero works at the one next door. They came over for dinner and they showed up shaven, in their best shirts and the four of us ate together. We found out after that dinner that Homero has a wife Tere and a new baby born in December. We felt so bad that we didn't invite Tere and Saul along. So we hosted another dinner inviting everyone and at that dinner we passed out another bible to Homero and Tere. It became clear that there was some interest (major interest) in knowing more about the Bible and Jesus. 

So every other Friday since, we've been eating dinner together and Gabo leads a Bible study. Last Friday, I made chilaquiles...this is a mexican plate that is very common. They loved them and this says a lot from Mexicans that grew up in pueblos. They have eaten some good ones before and asked for seconds of mine! I was really excited. 

After we ate, Gabo shared the story of John 3 and Nicodemus with Modesto, Homero and Tere. He shared how we must be born again to live in eternity with Christ. Modesto shared that he made a decision a couple of weeks ago to walk with Jesus and Homero and Tere accepted Christ with us on Friday! It was a very powerful moment. They prayed silently and confessed their sins and cried. 

We are so excited about how God is using us in our neighborhood! How is God using you to reach your neighbors? 

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Kellie said...

Oh Emily, that's beautiful.