Thursday, April 12, 2012

I will miss....

My grandpa, Jim Hendricks passed away on April 5, 2012. Gabo and I are grateful for a number of things. That we were able to go and be with the family during the funeral and that we got really good quality time with him over Christmas. 

I will miss...
  • his love for Notre Dame sports
  • his newspaper articles that he cut out
  • talking about Mexican presidents, drug cartels and everything else south of the border
  • the squalk of his police radio
  • the smell of his cologne and aftershave as a little girl when I crawled up into his lap
  • the scruff of his beard on my forehead when he was too lazy to shave
  • the smile on his face when I graduated college
  • the way he demanded attention at any family gathering
  • when he tried to pay us back for every little expense and his desire for us to save our money and not spend anything on him

at Gabo and I's reception dancing with my grandpa
 I am so grateful for my 30 years with this man. I am thankful that he knew Gabo and loved him. And I am so appreciative for great memories with this man.

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