Thursday, September 01, 2011

Quick Trip to South Bend

Yes, I was in the states for a very short week. I am sorry that I didn't tell you guys. I needed some time to hang out and rest up from the crazy year.

I really only came for one reason...
This one in the orange lunging across the table. My sister (to the left) is about 4 million months pregnant but she decided to teach summer school so I hung out with my lil' man for a couple of days.

Rylan has quite the vocabulary these days. Let me share some of my favorite lines with you.

Me opening the car door to get the nino out. 
Rylan: (hands flung out wide) "TA DA" like he just finished a magic trip

Pulling out of the mall parking lot, Rylan was mad we were leaving. 
Me: do you want french fries?
Rylan: No
Me: do you want to go get mama?
Rylan: No
Me: do you want to go back to the mall?
Rylan: No
Me: Well what do you want?
Rylan: I want jetskies and sailboats.
Me: You want to go to the lake and see jetskies and sailboats?
Rylan: OK! (asking a clarifying question automatically means that I am asking him to go)

I also had a great time seeing family. Although I didn't take many pictures, it was a really good and relaxing time. I had fun shopping in the states, eating Bruno's Pizza, going to Hacienda and laughing a lot.

However, I severely missed this face.

It's amazing what 8 days in the gringo land can do to my heart. Love my home in Mexico but love the roots in USA.

Hope to see you all the next time around! We are praying to be there at Christmas!


Amy said...

Ta Da!

Sarah Koutz said...

AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! You were in the Bend! I would have loved to get together and prayed with you. Perhaps over Christmas Break!