Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The summer update in pieces...

I haven't been around that much the last couple of weeks so I want to play catch up with you guys so you can hear a little bit more about my summer.

 I lead a summer project at the end of July. If you are new to Campus Crusade land, that means a summer mission opportunity. We hosted the project in Mexico City and it was an overall good time.

I loved our students and the activities that we did and our biblical studies course.

One of my favorite parts was Patty (front right). She became a believer about a year ago here in Mexico City and she was a last minute addition for the project. I actually called her the day we were starting to see if she could fill in where another girl dropped off. She showed up 4 hours later and what a blessing she was!

We got to celebrate her birthday with her as well. We surprised her with a little party and the students serenaded her at midnight.

I think the project experience was a growing experience personally, professionally and definitely for my marriage. Gabo and I are still learning to communicate well and share our feelings clearly.

Another plus is that I found my favorite bread in Mexico. It's seasonal so I usually only eat it in October and the first week of November. It's called Dead Bread.

As you can see, I was pretty stoked about it.

More updates to come!

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