Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Family Fly

Let me take a minute to procrastinate from all things summer project to share a little story about the life of a white girl being married to a Mexican. 

We got married in a civil ceremony on June 17. It was supposed to be for family and very close friends. Well this guys showed up... (back right corner)

I had never seen him before and after the ceremony I saw him talking to my gringa friend Caitlin. And I said to that Gabo, "um who is that man at my civil wedding?"

He replied, "Oh he's a family friend. We refer to him as the gnat cause he always just hangs around." 

During the next couple of months "la mosca" (the gnat) called the hubs wanting to be in contact with my friend Caitlin. He liked her and for some reason he thought he had a shot. Gabo always dodged the question not knowing what to do. 

A couple of nights ago, our house phone rang at 11:45pm. Gabo ran to get it thinking it might be an emergency. It was the "mosca" calling...he wanted to know about the English speaking Church and how he could go and meet other girls. Gabo spoke firmly to him that he wasn't going to help find his ideal white girl. 

Most of all, I was severely grossed out by this man mid-30's having the nerve to call Gabo looking for options for a girlfriend at MIDNIGHT! 

I think it's funny and disturbing that people think marrying someone from another culture is a dream come true and it's all roses and pretty rainbows. It's not all the time. People live in a dream world. Bi-cultural marriages are fun but they are a lot of work.

To you the "mosca": you don't know what you would even be getting yourself into. It's not a dream world. And please don't call my house that late again.

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Amy said...

I asked Caitlyn who that guy was when we were leaving the wedding! She was so funny trying to act busy and not talk to him. Of course Mom was worried about why he was following us! HA!