Tuesday, September 06, 2011

God's Blessings on Labor Day

Yesterday my sister pushed this little nugget out. Well actually Lucy Marie weighs 9 pounds so she is not a little nugget but yesterday was her day. Just like all the grandchildren multiplying in our family, Lucy is special too. 

On December 25, 2010, my sister calls me on skype and she says that they have a secret to tell us. They just found out they were pregnant! Gabo and I were ecstatic to be the firsts to know. Amy was thrilled. A couple of weeks later, Amy calls and tells me that she tripped and bounced down the stairs and there was some bleeding and she was going to go to the dr. This was before other family members knew. They found out that there was a placental hemorrhage next to where our little Lucy was growing. The OB-GYN tells her to take it easy and to come back in a few weeks. Which is impossible by the way with an 18 month old in the house. These type of hemorrhages can be dangerous leading to bedrest, miscarriage or premie babies. So we prayed a lot here in Mexico.

On February 14, Amy sends me a text message after leaving her ultrasound. The hemorrhage is gone. It's a miracle...not just shrunk but disappeared. We celebrated God's mercy on Amy's womb. 

So yesterday Lucy arrived all 9 pounds of her. I was in Mexico moving apartments without internet. 

Here is how they got our couch in our new apartment. Quite the fiasco...(more pictures to come of the new place)

And yesterday, my best friend Suzanne moved too...from Dallas, Texas to Ioannina, Greece.What a great day!

I thank God for many things today...
- Suzanne and Jerry and their heart to serve Jesus and tell college students about His love in Greece
- My sister Amy and my brother-in-law Ryan and my lil' man Rylan--they are a great family to welcome someone new into. Lucy has a great place to come home to even though Rylan thinks she lives at the hospital
- Our new apartment! It's close to a fun market and a park and 3 blocks from my girl Angie
- My mom-Cath's birthday is today!


Amy said...

This might be my favorite blog of yours yet. I think I cried a little. Love you!

Kelly said...

Lucy!!!!! Aww she's here :D So stinkin precious. That sister of yours is a machine. She's my idol.

And YEAAA for you & Gabo! Have so much fun settling in your new place!

(I love keeping up with you guys - thanks for blogging, Em!)

Rebecca said...

Fun things! The baby is precious.
I am VERY interested about that couch getting into your apartment like that... I need more details on this. I am so curious!