Monday, October 04, 2010

The Value

I have this ring that my mom gave me when I was in high school. It was the promise ring that my dad gave my mom when they were in college. They divorced when I was young and I wear the ring every day to remind me of their love that they once had and that my sibs and I were on purpose.

When I lived in Colorado, the ring broke. The band cracked and I was devastated. I took it to a jewelry repair store in the mall to see what they could do. The man asked me what kind of material it was and I didn't know what to respond. I didn't know what the ring was made out of. So he examined it and told me it was white gold. Now I don't think Don Bastine was a cheapskate back in the day but I just figured it was silver. The value of the ring that I had worn for like 10 years had changed in an instant.

I think we don't understand truly the value we have in Christ. It's like someone walking around orphaned and then they realize that Daddy Warbucks wants to take them in. Jesus came to set the captives free. He gave us value and purpose. We are not silver rose rings passed down from our parents but white gold. And the crown that we wear on our heads signifies our value that we are chosen, redeemed and rescued.

Do you know your value today?


The Barnes said...

Emily,what a great post. I love reading your blog. You know how to make me smile and bring to tears. love ya

Sarah Koutz said...

Love this post.