Tuesday, April 14, 2009

On Mision Acapulco

I can't say much but Jesus showed up. He annointed registration, ballrooms, programs, testimonies, students to share their faith and lives to be changed.

Above is a picture the night the 200 students went to the beach to release helium filled balloons. The message was that just as balloons were meant to be filled with helium, we were meant to be filled with the Holy Spirit and soar. It was a beautiful night.

I spoke on the last day giving a training on how to launch movements on their campus. It had been a stressful, emotional week but Jesus showed up.

And I lost a bet when we were bowling a couple of days before and I had to twirl baton for the students. A little scary and embarrassing. I guess that is what I get for making a bet with the conference director!


Scott said...

there's a typo in your post. it should say "soar" not "sour" =)

glad to hear things are going well in mexico. are you going to be at CSU this summer?

Anonymous said...

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