Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Influenza plus an earthquake...

So yesterday morning at about 11:30 am, we had an earthquake hitting 5.8 on the Richter scale. I was sitting in my bedroom on the phone with a friend from the states. At first I thought I had come down with the swine flu and was dizzy but really it was that my chair and everything around me was swaying for 20 seconds. Everyone was fine. I think it just shook people up a little more than they already were.

I hear the news is calling Mexico City the "epicenter" or "ground zero" is a little outlandish. Don't get me wrong, we are on quarantine in our apartments until May 6 but the city is running almost normal. People still are working but just some are wearing masks which people say don't even protect from the flu. I guess it takes a lot to shut down a city of 20+ million. The flu hasn't done it and that earthquake didn't do much either.

Pray for us:
- that our staff would find things to do in their apartments and not get itchy to leave.
- for the baby that was born to our staff couple Ale and Beto. All are fine and at home.
- for continued safety for us as we stick it out in the city.
- for God to use this to reach people.

What a Birthday it was!

In the meantime, we are throwing birthday parties for our friend Lola (who lives in the same building so we didn't break any rules) and watching 24 and reading Twilight. We do a little administrative work every now and then too. :)

Thanks for reading!


kellie and kevin said...

Twilight is a good distraction from reality. I got caught up a while back. I felt a little too old for it and guilty, but I couldn't help myself. :) -Kell

Amy said...

Are you in your bathrobe?!

Emily Bastine said...

no, it's that crazy bridesmaid dress that i wore to julie's wedding. it's a freaking tent on me now.