Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Hope in New Life

We just celebrated Easter here recently. It was a good day. We went to church, had brunch at teammates apt (someone even made egg casserole!) and then Angie and I were going to walk home. April begins the the rainy season here in Mexico. Just about every afternoon it dumps on us. Here I am standing in my easter white dress and it starts pouring.

I don't usually like rain. I feel like it's inconvenient and just is kind of annoying at times. But this day as we stood under the awning, waiting out the rain or for a taxi--which ever came first, I was so grateful for renewal. That things could be washed away and made new. You see, this has been a hard year for me both personally and in my job. I'm sure that it's nothing that was out of Jesus' hands even for a minute but I am reminded that even though rain is inconvenient, it brings a fresh slate, a clean start, a new flower- hope. I have hope for a fresh start in Mexico and in Jesus.

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