Monday, September 03, 2007

Adventures in Cuernavaca

My team and I spent the last week at Language School in Cuernavaca Mexico. Not only did we learn more of the language but we made new friends and had some adventures. Here are some pictures.

Here is my friend April and I. She's from California and is studying Spanish for the next 4 weeks and is hopefully going to come and visit us in Mexico City. We went to an Ecology Park for a field trip one afternoon.

One evening, my teammate Kat and I went with some other students to a Luche Libre fight. It is like a less professional version of WWE.

I also made a small wager with one of my friends regarding one of the matches. I came out with 40 pesos!The luchadores were so dramatic but we had good laughs from our seats.
We had a blast and our host family were Christians and loved us well. We hopefully will be able to see them again in Mexico City for a soccer game.
Here are some prayer requests:
  • that I would continue to learn the language but on a heart level
  • for our meetings that start this week for ministry
  • that our team would continue to unify for the sake of Christ

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Andy McCullough said...

Fun times. If you need to tithe some of your winnings, i can give you my acct #.