Friday, August 24, 2007

Metros, Mercados and Churros

Yesterday was a fun one in Mexico City. I went with my new friends Pat and Aubrey to the market. We had to ride the Metro to get there and it was interesting. On the way home, it was packed! I looked to the left and right and all I saw were scores of people hanging on as that baby was flying down the tracks.

Last night some of us went to the part of the city called Coyocan. We had a blast and got home late.

I'm enjoying my time here hanging out and getting to know my team. The pace of life is very different here so it takes us longer to get somewhere and to do little things but I'm adjusting.

Here are some things you can continually pray for:
- that my body would adjust in a healthy way to Mexico (I just started having problems last night)
- that language school next week would be helpful and encouraging
- that God would direct us to the students that their hearts are prepared for the Gospel
- for my new friends Asa and Eman--> that their support would come in quickly so they can begin working with us on Sept. 6.

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Anonymous said...


You're REALLY in Mexico, starting a new adventure that God has brought you to!! I am so PROUD of you and and praying for your concerns. This is my first visit to your blog...great way to stay a part of your life. I LOVED THE PHOTO OF THE CLOUDS IN CO!!!
Love you..............Vicki