Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Boldly and without hindrance he preached the kingdom of God and taught about the Lord Jesus Christ. --Acts 28:31

I read this last night when I got home from a hard day on campus. Sadly, I didn't preach boldly. I was scared and lived a defeated day. Caitlin and I had a hard conversation with some girls on campus. They had really been searching for truth and they found some bunk spiritual stuff like reincarnation and that Jesus was just a man who died for political reasons. I really wrestled with the Lord last night that if people were looking for truth...how come they couldn't find him? I haven't really reached an answer but I know that God is good and he desires that none shall perish.

Today was a little different. I woke up in a really horrible mood and skipped working out with Kat and spent some time with the Lord. I was determined to help further the kingdom and be obedient today. Nate and I went to a campus and it was so refreshing! We went to a campus that has a thriving student led ministry. I met some amazing girls and just saw genuine authentic community being played out.


I praise God for days like the last two. I realize that not every day is going to be easy or refreshing and in actuality we are in a battle for student's souls. I just have to choose everyday to pick up my sword and fight with Jesus. He doesn't need me to fight but he certainly doesn't want another defeated Christian in the world.

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