Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Empty Houses and Whiney Cats

This week I'm house-sitting for a friend in Elkhart. She went to Phoenix where it's probably 110 degrees today. I love house-sitting for a number of reasons... let me share them with you.

- 25 year old women are not built to live at home. I love my parents--but it's just too much even when it's just for a season.
- I have figured out that I really need my alone time these days. To collect my thoughts, talk to Jesus, read a couple of books...these things are muy important to me.
- I actually like staying in a neighborhood where I can walk outside instead of by my parent's house where your only choices are taking a jaunt through the woods or on the highway.
- I think I like change in my life too... something different.
- I love having a garage! Call me crazy but pushing that button and having a door pop open for my car is so fun.

Next Monday I move back home for a bit before traveling to Colorado. Can't wait to see those Rockies.

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amyabrink said...

and those rockies are excited to see you!!!!!!!!