Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Golf, Outings, Brats and Carts

Today I attended and volunteered at my first golf outing. I can go as far as to say that this was my first time even on a course. Tee time was at 8 a.m so that meant that I arrived around 7:00 to help with set up.

My job was to stand on the 5th hole with a lady and have the participants attempt to hit marshmellows the farthest with their clubs. It was interesting and definetly worth the time.

I still don't know much about the sport or why it is so fascinating and am confused why anyone in their right mind would watch it on TV regardless of a guy named Tiger playing.

My favorite part by far was the golf cart and when a guy started yelling at his team to give me money because I'm a missionary. These poor guys reluctantly opened their wallets and started shuffling it out... not the best support raising technique but it kept me laughing for awhile longer.

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