Friday, September 08, 2006

Still In Indiana

Things have been a roller coaster this last week. I've gone through some times of really doubting that the Lord is going to raise my support. It's funny--I don't doubt my call just the timing of it. I'm learning to be thankful in everything and trusting the Lord for His timing. God certainly has provided new people with the desire to invest in college students with me. I'm so grateful for them.

This week was my mom and Amy's Birtdays. My stepdad got my mom a new laptop. This is a big step for the Bastine/Horein household given that our last family computer was purchased in 1996. My mom is still getting used to the new guy. We are at Panera now mooching off free internet. You have heard me complain in the past about the lack of internet connection and cell phone coverage at my house. Well the Fam and I were talking about getting high speed internet (wireless)at the house so I made some calls... the services are not even available in our area! Go figure... love the sticks of Indiana.

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versejer2911 said...

Hey you....what's up? Keep your head up...God's timing is perfect and I know He wants you in Mexico!