Monday, July 03, 2006

Seminary Classes and my dorm desk...

So today we are half way through our intense two weeks of Institute of Biblical Studies courses. I have studied so much but it has been a time where I have learned the most as well. I've heard after taking Doctrine Survey that your beliefs meaning your convictions, your persuasions and your opinions are grounded and more real than ever before and I see the Lord working those things out for me. My times with Him have been different partially because I sit around and think of some "ology" that I heard about in class or I analyze the same 10 verses in Ephesians.

All this to say- I am so incredibly thankful for this time here and I'm even more grateful that I only have a week left of it!

For those of you who don't know. I found out this weekend that I will be officially going to Mexico City for the next year. I'm really excited and I love the way that God has even begun to shape my heart for this city. Even when I found out in April that this may be a possibility, the Lord has been faithful to move and work in me since then.

p.s. I get the opportunity to go to the happiest place on earth Disney World

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amyabrink said...

hello darling! i'll call you soon. i love you too!!!!!!!