Saturday, June 24, 2006

My Heart is Full....

Wow! I am so thankful for today. The president of Campus Crusade for Christ came to speak to the new staff today. He shared how God is moving in all different ways across the globe. My heart just are a few things I jotted down.

The JESUS film (produced and distributed by Campus Crusade for Christ):
- there have been 6 billion exposures to the movie
- has been shown in every country (the only movie in history)
- has been translated in more than 930 languages
- resulted in more than 200 million decisions for Christ!
--> all this to say when the founder of Crusade, Bill Bright, suggested it, the staff thought that the film was not a good idea.... amazing huh?

On a lighter note, my care group and I went to Downtown Disney last night. Here's a picture of me with the Lego Family.

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amyabrink said...

so encouraging! thanks for sharing :)