Monday, July 31, 2006

Back Home Again...

In Indiana.

I drive around here and think so many different things. I'm reminded of my past and how I used to deal with life. I think through where God is pushing me and what He's asks me to leave behind. All this to say--I'm still adjusting to being back.

I'm so grateful for my family. I spent some time in Indy last week reconnecting with friends and family then spent the weekend at my Aunt and Uncles for the funnest weekend of the year. The Hendricks Family Reunion. This year, I invited my 3rd cousin Larry. He has been a part of my ministry and I never met him so I thought this was my year to build the relationship. I had such a good time with all of them.

I'm reminded today to continue to be thankful for where God has me and the people he has strategically placed around me. I want my life to count for something more and today matters for eternity.

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