Monday, March 21, 2011

Oh Volaris Airlines...

How I love thee..Let me count the ways.

The hubs and I recently traveled to San Francisco to take part in the celebration of my brother's nuptials. We flew Volaris and fell in love. Here are some of the reasons. 

1. They gave us a great deal on our tickets. We had cheaper tickets than anyone flying from the states. That was something to holler about cause that meant we could spend more.

2. The Santa Fe terminal (20 minutes from our house) was the documentation station and counts as your 3 hours before thing for international flights.

3. We never saw our bags from Santa Fe until we landed in Oakland. That was beautiful for us.

4. Volaris has a on time gurantee or your flight is free and boy did they do that well!

5. The flight attendants have cute uniforms.

6. They serve one of Gabo's favorite snacks on board.

7. Their customer service is great...surpassing any expectation that we ever have for a Mexican company.

8. They have a free shuttle to take you to the Toluca airport.

We are definitely going to be hanging out with Volaris in the future. Especially cause we found out that they fly to out our midwestern friends, here we come!

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