Friday, February 25, 2011

Doing the RIGHT thing

A couple of weeks ago Gabo and I went with our friends Angie and Pepe to visit some other friends in Queretaro, Mexico. We were needing a break from the city and Monday was a holiday so we decided to take advantage of it. 

We spent the afternoon in the centro with our friends and Pepe and Angie had plans to have coffee with some people. So Gabo and I were going to drive Angie's car to Applebees for a beloved American experience. :) It was more for me than for him but he is an amazing husband.

Gabo was driving, I was navigating and the next thing we know is that a cop is pulling us over. Supposedly Gabo had run a red light. We were in Angie's car with Kansas plates on a Sunday night in another city-Monday's the holiday. The cops immediately ask Gabo to step out of the car (wanting a bribe instead of giving him an infraction). I start to get nervous and freaked out. SIDENOTE--I hate how in this country you can get out of anything by paying the person off. We are not fans of that because we believe it doesn't honor God. We want to do what the system says because honoring the law means honoring God. But back to the story. The police then tell Gabo that they have to tow the car because it's foreign and he broke the law in a city that isn't his own. This is a lie...not a real law. (We called the lawyer to check) However, these men had the power to take the car meaning we would be waiting until Tuesday to get the car out cause no one works on the holiday and we would all miss work on Tuesday. So the police were forcing us essentially to either pay the bride or be stuck in Queretaro until Tuesday for a law that doesn't even exist. So we paid the bride to get out of it. 

I was so stinking angry after wards. We want to respect the law but the law enforcers make up their own rules to get what they want. 

What would you do?

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Rebecca said...

I hate that you had to make a choice to pay the janky system... Unfortunately not paying them would have effected not just you but your friends. BOO! Sadly I would say that if I was in the same situation I probably would have paid off the police too. BLECK!!! I'm frustrated for you!