Sunday, January 02, 2011

Christmas 2010

Instead of spending 1,200 USD on plane tickets this year, we decided to hang out in Mexico City. It had been an adventurous week leading up to our break so we were looking forward to getting some things done but laying low as well. We spent some really good time with Gabo's family too.

We got my friend's car fixed. That is an adventure for those who don't know Mexico and their systems and a whole separate post which I promise this next week...without pictures because I don't want one single memory of the ugliness of Greenie the Cavalier.

Gabo helped me decorate sugar cookies for the first time in his life. It was really fun! I think it might start a tradition :)

Then we celebrated Christmas Eve at his dad's house. There were 20 of us in all! The party started at 10 and we got home at 2am. A little different than my celebrations in the states. 

 This is us with Gabo's Dad.
 On Christmas morning. Mexico missed the memo about having the ingredients to make "Monkey Bread" a tradition from my family. So I made egg casserole instead.
 Have I told you that I have this incredible, talented musician husband? Last year, a movie came out here in Mexico that Gabo composed all the music. I made him a picture collage to remember us going to see the movie and seeing his name printed on the sign and all that jazz. It was pretty incredible.
 Then we went on the Turibus! You know I love it but this was Gabo's first time...cause he is really not a tourist. :) It was a special route to see all the Christmas lights. We had a blast even though it was really chilly.

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