Monday, October 15, 2007

We have had a busy weekend! My friend Heather who is on staff with Crusade too works in Queretero, Mexico came to visit this weekend.
We got to visit Chapultapec Park (for the first time for me even though it's only 10 blocks from my house), spend time with my team and go see a play and out to eat Greek food with friends as well. Heather and I worked together at the Unversity of Nothern Colorado when I was an intern with Campus Crusade and she was just coming off of STINT in Puebla. Our friendship was fun and we got to work together to reach out to students in Colorado. I was in her wedding last December and now we both live in Mexico, working and serving Jesus! It was fun to catch up with her.
Also visiting is our new friend Amy. Her parents work for Crusade and specifically send staff kids on summer projects. This summer over 50 missionary kids will be coming to Mexico City to reach out to high school students. Amy and Caitlin are pictured below.

My roommate Caitlin has gotten involved in a local theater company and has begun to reach out to college students in something she is passionate about --Fine Arts. Last night we went to see the musical CATS. It's a strange musical regardless of the language. Here's a picture with Caitlin and some of her friends from the cast.

Today, we are privileged to be spending the day with God. Once a month, we take the day off to connect for a length of time with Jesus. What a blessing that this is a requirement for my job. Pray for our team--many of us are struggling with personal things. Pray that the Lord would mend hearts. Thanks for reading and praying!

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