Monday, October 29, 2007


Now, many of you know about my growing obsession with tracking with the stars. I love reading when I get time (which has to happen usually) but I ran across something this morning that I would like to share with you.
In this picture of Britney Spears heading to court, the paparazzi and people flood around her car. If you have not heard, there is a pretty crazy custody battle going on for her kids with exhusband Kevin Federline. Anyways, there is a sign in the back of the picture saying, "ASK JESUS TO SAVE YOU". Yes, I'm glad that Jesus finally made but not in this way. I am going to get on a soap box here and this is why blogs were created for soapboxes. I love evangelism. I love for people to come from dark to light in front of my face because of the life-changing nature of Jesus Christ. However, I feel that this sign is more of a hinderance than a stepping stone for Britney to the Gospel I'm 96% sure that when she looks at this sign she feels judgement, condemnation and shame from the "Christ Followers". I have in the past prayed that someone would enter Britney's life to tell her about Jesus but this isn't the fashion that I hope for. Relationships...that's what changes lives. My relationship with Christ is what changed my life and as I build relationships with others, they see that my walk with the Lord is not one of shame, condemnation but one of forgiveness, grace, mercy and unconditional love and that my dear friends is what saves us through Jesus.

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You really need to be reading PopSugar! It's insanely addictive!