Tuesday, May 29, 2007

First of all, for those that read along--I lost my password and I had to pretty much send my right arm to blogspot to get in. Sorry for the delay.

I've been plugging away here in South Bend. Well actually I just got back from Indianapolis for a week so that was fun and a change of scenery. It's been a challenge for me to believe God for big things the last couple of days. I know He is at work and wants to work in BIG ways but I like to have an agenda for what I think is best and that isn't what really is best. So that has been a struggle but it's neat to see how God is restoring and redeeming me.

My brother Eric is in from San Diego. I wish I could go back with him for a little vacation. We enjoyed Memorial Day as a family and it was really fun. I'll load some pictures of the nephew when I get a chance.

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amyabrink said...

oh shoot...i just remembered your password! dang it! i think it is "i love amy" or something along those lines. maybe "amy loves me"? oh well, too late :)