Tuesday, January 02, 2007


I'm back in Colorado for our annual student and staff conference. It's fun to come back here and be reminded of what the Lord has done in my life here in this hotel. When I first attended the Denver Christmas Conference (DCC), I was a senior in college--not sure where the Lord was calling me. Now, I'm here in the middle of raising funds to impact student's lives the same way that Jesus used staff here to change my life. It's good to be in a familiar place with people that know me well.

I was talking to my friend Suz the other day about the restlessness that I feel sometimes in this season of life. We talked about how different it is to live in authentic real community. She told me this quote from a friend, "Once you have lived in a community that takes steps of faith together, you'll never feel at home anywhere else." And I have been thinking about this a lot and realized, my heart longs for a community of peers that knows me well. I can't wait for heaven.

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