Monday, December 03, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Since coming back from the US, Gabo and I have found a new appreciation for our little apartment. We love thinking about how our little house will change and expand with the babe on the way. 

I am not going to lie, I have been a homebody the last couple of weeks. First of all, Mexico City gets a little crazy in December with even more traffic and more people in stores. Secondly, I am just tired. Thirdly, we returned when the semester was ending and students are in finals now and there is not much going on in the universities so I am doing lots of meetings, discipleship and training and those fools just like to come to my house. 

As we look around our house, we see pieces of friends...mostly expats that have left before us. It's funny when people leave a country and have to purge all their belongings, a lot of that stuff ends up in my house. Just from one year missionaries from my same ministry, I inherited about 14 phone charges, 5 map books of the city and a stack of books in English that I have no desire to read. But there are other cool things that have ended up here--nightstands, christmas tablecloths, surround sound speaker system, etc. 

When Gabo's family come over, they always ask where things come from. I think they think that we are loaded with money. :) I find myself saying all the time..."Oh that was a gift from my friend." or "That was a gift from the wedding." or "Our friends thought we would want that." We also find ourselves giving easily to others from things from our house because so much has been given to us. 

Two of my good friends will be leaving this December. My heart is sad because both ladies are very special to me in different ways. Yesterday my one friend dropped off a couple of things. Although, I am so touched by her and her husband's generousness, I will miss them. The rugs in particular that they gave us were MADE for our space. Gabo came home from work last night and we were just so excited for how our little space evolves as it fills with touches from our friends. The other girl will be giving us a silver and glass top desk that will work amazing in our new "office space" because our office now will become the baby's room. 

It's funny to look around our house and realize how little we have bought personally and how much our friends have given us. It's like our house is a little testimony of the people that touch our lives. 

To those reading that have been generous in giving to us, thank you. You have touched our lives in more ways than one!

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