Monday, August 27, 2012


I never got to meet Gabo's mom. My mother-in-law died before I even came to Mexico. I can say that before this experience, I have never mourned the life of someone that I never met. I miss her. I feel like in our family dinners, there is an absence.

Gabo was his mother's favorite. All of his siblings say he was so spoiled by her. He had a special place in her heart. He's a great man and sensitive and noble because of her patient care over him...and probably thousands of quesadillas that she made for him.

This past weekend I had the privilege of meeting Gabo's aunt--his mom's only living sibling. Tia Tela lives in Los Angeles and just came back to visit.

She is a fresh glass of water. Tia Tela has a sweet and tender personality and loves her family a lot. She prays with power and is excited about everything. She loved me. She said that Gabo's mom would have been so excited about his choice in a wife. I felt tears come to my eyes as she spoke.

I sometimes tell Jesus that it is unfair that I won't get to know my mother-in-law until after a lifetime with her son. She raised him and I get to spend every day with him and then I can thank her.

I am waiting for that day in Heaven when I can introduce myself. I don't have much theology on Heaven and I know that Jesus will be my focus. But in my heart, I hope that I can pick her out.

Being with Tia Tela was the closest experience I will have to having lunch with my suegra (mother-in-law) is what Gabo told me yesterday.

I am so grateful for that experience.

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