Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A divided heart but content spirit

Well we just finished a whirlwind visit from my dear sister Amy and my nephew Rylan. They came in on Friday morning and left this morning early. The sis and I tend to roll like that...we keep the visits short. Quality over quantity...plus she has 9 days of school left and I have like 14 parties to plan and fun students to hang out with.

Anyway about our time together...
Rylan is just under 2 and enjoyed very much the activities that we did. My sister is just a little bit prego so we didn't run them too ragged...

Along with their beautiful faces, Amy brought us some "happies". This means little treasures from the United States of America. One of those items was a devotional book called "Jesus Calling" in English and Spanish for us both to enjoy. So I was reading it a little bit when she was here. I am on January 3 even though we are almost to June. 

Part of the devotional says, "Keep your eyes open and your mind wide open to all that I am doing in your life". "I" meaning Jesus. I typically am pretty aware that Jesus desires to change and free me from my life but it's sometimes easy to fall into a complaining spirit.

The hubs and I dropped off the Kring's at the airport this morning. After much debacle with Aeromexico we parted ways sobbing as usual. It hurts so bad to say goodbye to them...I mean the ugly cries just come out of us. As I was walking to find a cab, I started to complain to Jesus about how my heart feels so divided sometimes (and maybe to Gabo too...). How come some of my favorite people live in different countries? And how come I have to like them so much?

And I thought back to days when my sister and I weren't so close...really when I drove her batty in high school and I thanked God for a restored relationship and a sister to love and laugh with me from a distance and someone who is willing to get her 6 month pregnant self with her 2 year old on a plane to come and visit me (and our husbands that go along with our plans too!). 

God is doing many a things in my life. He is longing to give me a thankful and content spirit. A happy heart. He wants me to reminded of great relationships and he wants me to know myself better. 

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