Sunday, August 01, 2010

Learning a lot and liking it.

So the new hubby and I have been spending some quality time in the Michiana area with my family. We go home to Mexico on Saturday and I am really looking forward to getting into a rhythm of life again. I am in a new chapter of life--not sure what is to come but desperately want to have a positive attitude about it. I want to share some of the highlights.

- I am pretty responsible when it comes to finances. I have lived off the support of others for the last 6 years and never have been in desperate, dyer straights where I couldn't eat. However, I do have debt. I have been working to pay off my college debt since graduating in 2004. Gabo has some debt too and we want to live within our means and plan well. I am a big fan of Dave Ramsey and Gabo read the book before we got married. I guess the question is how do we both live on one budget? We both, getting married later, are used to buying what we want when we want it. If I wanted to go to Taxco (the silver city of Mexico) and blow $100 on silver jewelry, I did it. And Gabo with music things. We are learning and growing in this area. I am completely open to suggestions from all of my 5 readers. 

- I see my sin more clearly now with the husband. I heard people say that before but I constantly try to defend and justify my actions when Gabo points out that I did something unloving or disrespectful. We are reading a book called "Love and Respect" and it is challenging us. I guess when it comes down to it...I just want to always be right. :) and I want Gabo to be wrong. Yikes. That is sin and I want to be grieved by it. 

- I think in some ways I am grieving my single life. Don't get me wrong, I love waking up next to Gabo and living life with him. But I lived an awesome single life. I had great, fun roommates that we cooked together, shopped together and watched Friends episodes together. I want to transition well but I don't want to be one of those women who forgets how to hang out with the singles because she has a husband at home. Those ladies drive me crazy. 

- I want to be healthy. I want to take steps in taking care of my body. I know a girl from when I lived in Colorado that just dropped like a million pounds. She motivates me. I think I can do it. I will just have to start cutting back on DQ blizzards. Praise the Lord Mexico hasn't discovered DQ yet. 

- In general, I am learning a lot about friendships. I think in the process of getting married, I have learned the value of a friend. Not just because they did or didn't come to one of my weddings but because the way they handled it. Gabo has been helping me understand that in friendships there are always expectations and in mine I have a very sacrificial attitude. That I will do just about anything to show that I love someone and they are important to me. I want to tell you that 97% of the wedding process, I felt completely LOVED and cherished by my dear friends. I want to focus on the 97 and not the 3%. 

Not sure what God has in store for me or us this next year. But I am looking forward to it. Hope you are too!


kellie said...

As one of your five readers :), I recommend looking at your budget once a month. You will want to revise it as you learn more about living together. Also, take 10 minutes or so every night to go over your purchases and see how much you spent/have left.

And don't worry about mourning your single life. It's normal. I practically had postpartum depression for the first 4 months or so after I got married (I'm talking about bad enough to consider going on medication), and I know other women who have gotten depressed as well. If it gets bad, don't be afraid to talk to people about it. And it will eventually get better.

Kevin and I send our love!

John said...

What's a budget?