Thursday, September 24, 2009

Women that impact me.

I haven't updated in a while and that isn't because I don't love you all. I just haven't been really inspired and motivated to write anything specific. God has definitely been pointing me more and more towards his character and the amazing ways he gently affirms that he loves me and that he has a higher purpose for me.

I'm doing a Bible Study with some international sisters at a church here in the city. We are studying Esther. I had read it a couple of times leading up to this point but never dissected it the way our girl Beth Moore does it. It's been interesting. Esther has made me question and long to be a woman of character.

Esther's qualities that I admire...
-she was orphaned but was loved by her uncle. She respected him and obeyed her "father" figure
-she was chosen to go to Xerxes' harem for a chance to be queen. she never mentions her nationality and the book specifically says that even though the hundreds of women received beauty treatments, Esther never asked for anything additional. She was simple yet beautiful
- she first won favor with the eunuch hegei and then with the king. that kind of favor is not just in looks...she had charisma and character
- she was wise, obedient, submissive, compliant, listened, independent, humble and cooperative.

I have a lot to grow in. I know it. But I have hope. Jesus is faithful to change me.

And I would also like to share with you about another amazing woman.

I met Sandra about 2 years ago at a Crusade conference in Mexico. She was going to be joining our team here in Mexico City and honestly I just really liked her from the beginning. She was welcoming to the foreigners, genuine and her love for people was evident.

I've watched her do ministry here the last 14 months or so and have just really enjoyed having her here. On Saturday she heads back to Oaxaca where she is from. She will be missed.

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